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1/30th Scale Accessories

ACamo Camouflage

Also listed in the Scenic section of this site as S24 Scrub / undergrowth this can be used to ...

AH1 ex 1 Full facade

All three items a, b and c placed together to form a full facade 18" long , 6" deep and 10" high

AH1a Arnhem House Centre section

Use alone or with AH1 b and c to form a larger facade 6" x 6" x 8" high

AH1b Arnhem House b Right section

Use alone or with AH1 a and c  6" x 6" x 10" high

AH1c Arnhem House Left section

Use as other two AH1 sections 6" x 6" x8.75" high

AH1ex2 Arnhem house fully 3d

2 x AH1b and 2x AH1c plus 1x AH1a and by swapping the base from two of b and c and replacing ...

AHCB cobble street bases

Create streets of varying widths 2 pieces 6" square

AHFM Fallen Masonary

A pack of masonary blocks to use with the Arnhem house sections , combine with M38J mixed rubble as ...

AHP Arnhem House pavement section x2

Use to extend terrain

AHPC Pavement corner x 2

Use to create street corners or circular / oblate paved areas

EB Dio European diorama

One of each of the first 7 bases in this range will make this 18" x 24 " diorama, by ...

EB1 Tank tracks

4 x 6" x6" square  bases (jeep not included)

EB2 Sandbag emplacement

6" x 6" gun not included

EB3 House ruin with doorway

6" x 6" x 42 high , figures not included

EB4 House ruin

6"x 6" x 3.52 high, figures not included

EB5 Ruined garden corner

6" square base x 4.52 high figure not included

EB6 Ruined garden wall

2 x 6" square bases

EB7 Hedge base sections

2 x 6" square bases, gun and figures not included

HGM Hougoumont full set (South Side)

Three fully three dimensional buildings depicting the South side of the Hougoumont Farm complex...

HGM01 Hougoumont base Mat

A single base mat 4 foot x 18 inch now with shorter green grass and soil and cement road and floor ...

HGM02 Kitchen garden walls

Two pieces of wall to enclose the garden area with loopholes through for standing and kneeling ...

HGM03 Gardeners house

18" long x 9" deep x 14" high, this building has a removable roof which give access to firing ...

HGM04 Long Cow Shed

18" long x 9" deep x 10" high

HGM05 Small cow shed

12" long x 9" deep x 10" high

HGM06 Firing platform

Picture shows 4 firing platforms in -situ


 Main house 47 cm long x 36cm wide x 60cm to top of tower. Chapel 25cm long x 18 cm ...


8 inch x 2inch x 4.5 inch high ( 20cm x 5cm x 11.5cm high) Buts up to Long Cow shed (HGM04) to ...

HGM11 West Barn

18 inch x 8inch x 8.5 inch high (46cm x 20cm x 22cm high) Place between pigsty and Great Barn on ...

HGM12 Great Barn

Forms part of the west wall, 20 inch long x 13 inch wide x 11 inch high (52cm x 33cm x 28cm)

HGM13 Small Stable

Forms the North west corner of the farm complex , abuts the Great Barn 9.5 inch long x 7 inch ...

HGM14 Full West side of the Hougoumont complex

Made up of 4 seperate buildings , total length 55 inches (170 cm) With the completion of this ...


Use as a stand alone vignette or place next to other bases in range to form larger displays. 6"...


Use as a stand alone vignette or place next to other base in range  to form larger displays ...

JGBBA03 Base for K+C figure set Nuts

Two 6" x 6" bases for K+C set BBA03 -12" x 6" x 2.5" Tree ...

JGBBA05 Street base for KC Half track mortor

2 x 6" cobbled street bases with loose frosted rubble and shattered timbers. This item will ...

JGBBA06 Returning Patrol Base

6" x 6" Tree available separately (S09c Winter Birch),figures not included

JGBBA07 The Ultimate Price base

Two bases for K+C set BBA07 12" x 6" x 4"


6" square cobbled road section with sandbag emplacement 1.5"high Figures not supplied

JGBBG01 Winter Track sections x 4

Four bases depicting a a frosty country track,will suite all 1/35th to 1/30th scale figures and ...

JGBBG02 Winter Patrol base

2 x 6" square bses for K + C set BBG02, tree and bush not included

JGBBG03 Tank riders lookout

Depicting a small ruined roofless woodstore, with a temporary tarpaulin cover, also includes an oil ...

JGBBG05 Hetzer Tank Base

Two bases for Hetzer or any other tracked vehicles both 6" square, tree and two large bushes ...

JGBBG06 Crossing the Road bases

Two road bases for K + C set BBG06 includes frost covered oil drum , jerry cans and bucket.

JGBBGFB Winter Field boundary bases x 2

Two field boundary bases both 6" square with hedging on one side, not specific to any figures ...

JGBBGFBA Snow base

Use this base from the scenic section (S23) to extend scenes using the BBA and BBG bases 12" ...

UXB Base UXB base

A 12" square terrain base for K+C Bomb disposal squad , has inset for bomb and figure ,   ...