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Frequently asked questions

Q1  Who buys your models and how do they use them ?

There are many people who love History, some read historical novels , some travel to places of interest or visit museums and some buy and collect Historical miniature models. This area of collecting stems from an era when male children played with toy soldiers and model cannons that shot matchsticks at Toy forts made of wood.

Over many years the "Toy soldier" has developed into something else , with new methods of maufacture and modelmaking techniques and materials, the levels of detail and realism that can now be acheived are in some cases breathtaking .

Many of these new model figures are considered miniature works of art, not toys  and can cost hundreds of pounds depending on the levels of realism acheived. The range of historical periods covered is now vast, from Ancient Egypt to the present day and they are not just military, there are many civilian ranges depicting  people throughout history.

People use my products to enhance their collections , instead of having their figures lined up in rows in display cabinets, collectors can create a landscape around the figures, giving them a place i which  to "live", this can be done within the space of a couple of inches on a display shelf or within much larger dioramas in cabinets or on table tops.


Q2 What is the difference between the 1/30th collection and the rest of the collections on your site ?

All models  in all collections  are actually 1/32nd scale. The buildings in the 1/30th collection have slightly taller doors to accomodate some of the taller figures produced by various manufacturers - these larger 1/30th scale figures will look fine with my complete range of models but in some cases will not fit in doorway entrances.For example in the Photo gallery 2 World War 2 there are two photographs of M38 ruined houses one with 1/35th scale Verlinden figures and one with 1/30th King and Country figures


Q3 How much is postage and packing?

I have such a large range of models it is impossible to quote postal prices for one or multiples in any order. For this reason I have introduced a new Postal charge policy

Orders totaling £100.00 or over are post free in the UK

Orders totaling £200.00 or over are post free in the EU

Orders totaling over £500.00 EX VAT are post free Worldwide (please note as uk sales tax (VAT) is not charged to customers outside the EU the £500.00 limit for free shipping excludes the sales tax which is included in prices shown on this site

Orders under £100.00 are sent by Royal Mail 1st class  or international small packet rate or courier. These orders will vary in price,  minimum £3.30 upwards depending on weight


Q4 What are the models made from ?

Multi media, polyeurethene resin, wood, white metal,  thermoplastic resin, rubber and dried natural plant material.


Q5 Are the models unpainted kits?

No -  they are fully finished collectors pieces produced so that all one needs to do is to place them together to create dioramas no glue needed.


Q6 What if an item gets damaged in the post?

I will replace the model free of charge, after the return of the damaged goods, however, this is a very rare occurrence.